Contribution to the Learning of Others

Throughout this course, I feel like I have gained so much from people’s feedback, encouragement and support as I have gone on this educational technology journey. Here in this post, I want to show how I feel I have contributed to the learning of others. The three main platforms that I have been a part of this last semester are: Blogging (particularly on WordPress), Slack and Twitter.

Here is my podcast I made using Zencastr summarizing my personal learning over the course of the semester (Summary of Personal Learning Assignment).


On my blog, I have included a resource page which provides a google doc of a mass list of online resources that are useful to educators both inside and outside the classroom. Also, on the resource page, I have posted a couple link to Youtube videos that are educational resources for science teachers. One is an virtual science demonstration and the other is a presentation about a meme I created regarding water conservation.

Virtual Science Demonstration – Lava Lamp
Conservation of Water Meme – Educational Resource

During the course of my learning project, I created a Selling on Amazon Playlist with my compiled Screencasts to help anyone who wants to start selling products online.


Slack was an awesome place to find resources, community, share ideas, and seek help when needed. Between the four channels in our EDTC class – edtcdiscussion, qanda, resourcesharing, and random, I at times felt overwhelmed! But there was never a time where I was at a loss for ideas, inspiration and encouragement. I tried sending resources in my classmates’ direction, reached out for help when I couldn’t figure out some tech stuff on my blog, and replied with feedback to classmates when I could.

Here are some of the examples of my involvement on Slack:

A podcast resource I shared
Conversation about the podcast resource

For our cybersleuthing task, I reached out on slack to see if anyone still needed a partner, but I think because of the amount of messages that were being sent, my comment got missed. Thankfully, a couple days later, Janelle Boutin also reached out looking for a partner so I quickly made sure to reply!

Reaching out on Slack for a partner!
Reaching out to Janelle to be her Cybersleuth partner

When I was having trouble with my blog, I reached out to my EDTC mentor, Brandon Rumford, for help. Even though he was unable to answer the question I had, I was thankful that I had someone I could reach to.

A conversation about a technical difficulty with my blog


Contribution to the #Saskedchat on Twitter

In my EMTH class, our prof shared a set of professional development workshops hosted by Sask Math Teachers, so I made sure to retweet the post so my classmates’ had an opportunity to register if they wanted to!

As well, I shared on Twitter how I used one of the resources we learned about called Blooket in my workplace. The youth (ages 11-14) LOVED it and I was able to share that experience.

My tweet about using Blooket with youth

When one of my classmates asked about resources to help her learn an instrument, I was happy to help out! I have played piano for over 10 years and I play a bit of guitar as well.

Resource sharing on Twitter
Resource sharing on Twitter
Resource sharing on Twitter

Overall, it was an awesome class, I am super appreciative of all the things I learned this semester. It has definitely been one of the most helpful education courses for practical tips and resources to use in the classroom.

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